AACCM Ceramtec 12 Booth

Component parts on display at AACCM Ceramtec 12 tradeshow. Credit: AACCM.

The Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers was established 20 years ago to create unity among ceramic manufacturing companies located in the United States to present a common front for promoting US-made ceramic products domestically and internationally. AACCM was founded on June 16, 1992, by several ceramic companies including, Superior Technical Ceramics, Du-Co Ceramics, Blasch Precision Ceramics, Kier Manufacturing and Zircoa Inc.

AACCM’s founding chairman, Ted Church, stated at the time, “There is a need within the ceramic manufacturing community to recognize the common threat of low-cost imports and to combat it by forming an alliance between ceramic manufacturers that recognizes our similar goals and skill sets.”

The result was the forming of AACCM and the joining of many ceramic companies who purchase products from each other or refer business to each other rather than lose inquiries to foreign suppliers. The cooperative nature of AACCM membership has increased many members’ businesses beyond the sum of the parts, by expanding cooperative relationships between members and customer referrals. The AACCM lists company members with success stories, organization articles and presentations.

Currently, AACCM has 18 member companies and meets twice a year at trade shows and member company facilities, and provides cost-effective representation with its exhibit booth at several industry trade shows in partnership with The American Ceramic Society, such as the Ceramitec 2012 event held in Munich, Germany, in May.

AACCM is currently accepting new members to expand its scope. The organization is expanding its international efforts to market the products of each of its members, while seeking to educate other industries about the extraordinary benefits of modern ceramic materials. Member companies range in size from the smallest to the largest ceramic manufacturers and the only restrictions to membership are that the member must start with ceramic powders and then manufacture, form and finish ceramic components from them in the US.

Interested companies are encouraged to explore AACCM’s website, and for more information, Marcia Stout or current president Julie Tatum can be contacted directly.