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Della Roy Lecture Cements 2016



Joe Biernacki,  University distinguished faculty fellow and professor, Tennessee Technological University


Title:  What do artificial intelligence, synthetic life-chemistry and nuclear fusion have to do with cement? (a vision for things to come)


Biography:  Joseph J. Biernacki began his professional career in 1980 with Standard Oil of Ohio, which eventually became part of British Petroleum and at one point owned the Carborundum Company where he would spend six years (1989-1995) working on ceramic materials processing.  Between 1995 and 1997 he was director of educational programs for the Center for Science and Technology of Advanced Cement-Based Materials where he was attracted to cements research.  Having joined Tennessee Technological University in 1997, he has since focused on topics such as phase resolved characterization of hydration reactions (J. ACerS, 2002), x-ray diffraction to characterize mechanically induced strains in hydrated portland cement (J. ACerS, 2006), the design of admixtures (J. ACerS 2014 and 2014), and modeling cement hydration (J. ACerS, 2011 and 2015).


Biernacki’s primary ACerS Division is cements, wherein he has been an active member for going on twenty years, having served the Cements Division as chair-elect and chair (2004 and 2005), as the Division’s Trustee (2009-2015), and as a two-time organizer of the Cements Division’s annual program (1999 and 2007). Biernacki is also a Fellow of both The American Ceramic Society and the American Concrete Institute (ACI). 


Biernacki received the BS from Case Western Reserve University (1980) and the DRE (Doctor of Engineering) from Cleveland State University (1988).  Biernacki is presently University Distinguished Faculty Fellow and professor of chemical engineering at TTU in Cookeville, TN. 

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