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S1: Advances in Ceramic Processing, Forming and Shaping

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Considerable scientific challenges remain for understanding fundamental aspects of ceramic processing technologies to meet demands in electronic applications. This symposium will focus on the advancement of understanding ceramic processing science, forming and shaping. Every aspect of processing science will be covered, from nanopowders to recent advances in sintering. Applications of electronic ceramics include actuators, solid oxide fuel cells, thermoelectrics, energy storage and conversion, sensors, power electronics and microwave dielectrics.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Powder Processing Science
  • Electrohydrodynamic Processing
  • Nanostructured Ceramics
  • Ceramic Composites
  • Novel Casting Technologies
  • Thin film/Microelectronic Processing
  • Macroporous Ceramics
  • Net-shape Ceramic Processing
  • Advances in Sintering

Symposium Organizers

  • Edward M. Sabolsky, West Virginia University
  • Wolfgang M. Sigmund, University of Florida
  • Juan C. Nino, University of Florida
  • Kristen Brosnan, General Electric Global Research Center

Point of Contact

Edward M. Sabolsky, West Virginia University, USA, Phone: +1 (304) 293-3272

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