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Spotlight: EMA 2011

Electronic Materials and Applications 2011

Call For Papers Brochure | Submit abstracts by August 16

Meeting Description

Electronic Materials and Applications 2011, jointly programmed by the Electronics Division and Basic Science Division of ACerS, is the second in a series of annual international meetings. The focus of the 2011 meeting is on electronic ceramics for energy generation, conversion and storage applications. Download the Call For Papers Brochure today!


With increased investment in renewable energy, “smart grid” technologies, all-electric vehicles and innovative hybrid transportation development, electrical ceramics are positioned as the key enabler of technologies. There is growing interest in energy harvesting, integrated sensors, bio-inspired vehicles and systems, and advanced functional microelectronics, where integrated electrical ceramics and composites will play a key role. EMA 2011 aims to provide the current state-of-the-art in applications of these materials, the fundamental science of materials processing, and advanced methods for materials integration.

S1 Advances in Ceramic Processing, Forming and Shaping
S2 Advanced Dielectric, Piezoelectric and Ferroic Materials, and Emerging Fields in Electronics
S3 Nano Phenomena and Interfacial/Surface Effects in Electronic Ceramics
S4 Symposium on Energy Harvesting and Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring
S5 Functional Ceramics for Energy Storage & Conversion
S6 Ceramic Materials in Power Electronics (wide-band gap integration, high power capacitors)
S7 Metamaterials and Microwave Ceramics
S8 Highlights of Student Research in Basic Science and Electronic Ceramics

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