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Volunteer Resources FAQ

1.) I've been a member of ACerS for years, but have not had much time to volunteer. Now that I'm retired, I'd have more time to volunteer and to give back to the Society. Any suggestions?
Yes, there are a number of volunteer opportunities you can consider. ACerS needs people to serve on a committee such as the Meetings Committee or the Publications Committee. To get some other ideas, see the "Ways to Get Involved" list on this page.

2.) I'd like to volunteer, but I really don't want to get into a long term commitment. I have some time now but may not have much time in a few months as work picks up.
There are plenty of short term volunteer opportunities, such as helping to recruit new members, or writing an article for the Bulletin, or developing content for the web. You could serve as a guest blogger, or moderate an online forum. These are activities that can be done on your timetable and that don't necessarily require a long term commitment on your part.

3.) I've been in the working world about three years now and would like to become more involved with ACerS. I don't have a lot of volunteer experience though.
ACerS would love to have you be part of the Young Professional Network (YPN). The Society is developing a number of new programs and professional development opportunities for people who have up to 10 years in the work force. We welcome your ideas, involvement, and participation as we build this program.

4.) I've been a member of a division for a long time, but have never held a leadership position in it. I'd like to become more involved in division activities.
There are lots of ways to become more active in your division. Get in touch with the division officers and let them know what your interests are. Maybe you could serve as a division officer, or get involved with division programming, or with long range planning. Division award and nominating committees are also a possibility. The officers of your division would be happy to have your help and would be your best source for information.

5.) How do I get started?
The first step is to complete the Volunteer Interest Form. Once your form is submitted, an ACerS staff member will contact you to discuss your specific area of interest.

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