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Goal-oriented communication for engineers webinar

Thursday, August 11, 2016, at 2 pm (EDT)

Engineers are required to learn science and math basics to be qualified for a wide range of jobs. Effective communication skills are critical to advancement and success in your career and the world, no matter what direction you choose. The impact of poor communication skills can be detrimental, even for seasoned employees. Your employer’s goals, as well as your own personal and career goals, need to be considered. Learning how to implement goal-oriented communication is beneficial as you begin your professional career, and could help you move up the professional ladder two rungs at a time.

Learning Outcomes  

This webinar is tailored to raise awareness on the impact and importance of effective communication. Young engineers are encouraged to participate in this webinar to further develop and enhance their communication skills.  

Webinar Description  

Join Holly Shulman, founder and president of Ceralink Inc., as she presents a wide range of topics and examples, in the following general categories:  

  • Getting Resources:  Learn salary and raise negotiation, justifying project budgets, and proposal writing.
  • Fact Finding and Reporting:   Get tips on communicating information in technical reporting, briefing, and presentations.
  • Working in Teams:  Discover some background on high functioning teams and how to survive team building exercises. 
Instructor Biography  

hollyShulman is the founder and president of Ceralink Inc., in Troy, NY, USA, and St. Clairsville, OH, USA. Ceralink is a women-owned business specializing in materials contract R&D and mechanical testing. Shulman received her B.S. in ceramic engineering from Alfred University, M.S. from University of Pittsburgh, and Ph.D. from the ceramics department of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL). Before establishing Ceralink in 2000, she was a research scientist at Crown Research Institute in New Zealand, an engineer for Kennametal in Latrobe, PA, and Materials and Electrochemical Research in Tucson, AZ. Shulman has been the principal investigator on numerous government programs for NASA, NSF, DOE, and the Navy, as well as projects for Fortune 100 companies. She has trained dozens of co-op engineers in her NY lab and mentors high school students in science.

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