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Session 7: Rare-earth-doped glasses and ceramics for photonic applications


Rare-earth doped glasses and ceramics are playing crucial roles in optical fiber telecommunication, lasers at various wavelengths, phosphors for displays and solid-state lighting (SSL) as well as recent bio-imaging applications as luminescent probe utilizing upconversion or persistent luminescence of the ions. This session will cover the topics on:

  • Optical Amplifiers for Telecommunication
  • Transparent Ceramic Lasers and Micro-Chip Lasers
  • Ceramic Phosphors for high-power LED
  • Wavelength Converters for Photovoltaic Systems
  • Nanoprobe Phosphors for Biophotonics
  • 4f-4f and 4f-5d Transitions in Doped Glasses, Amorphous Materials and Glass Ceramics
  • Energy Transfer or Light Storage Mechanisms in Solids



Setsuhisa Tanabe, Kyoto University, Japan

John Ballato, Clemson University, USA

Shibin Jiang, Advalue Photonics Inc., USA



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