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SYMPOSIUM 13: Advanced Materials for Sustainable Nuclear Fission and Fusion Energy



Development of advanced materials and their application for the safer and sustainable nuclear energy and for future fusion energy systems continues to grow.  This international symposium provides a venue for material scientists and nuclear engineers to discuss the opportunities and needs for key enabling materials in such energy systems, and the current state-of-the-art science and technology ranging from materials design, processing, and properties to their performance in harsh nuclear environments.  Included also will be discussions on prospects of their commercial development, and qualification and licensing requirements.  The symposium is cosponsored by the ACerS Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division. Abstracts for this symposium are solicited in, but not limited to, the following topical areas:


  • Ceramic and composite technologies for accident-tolerant LWR fuels and core
  • Materials for advanced fission reactors and fusion energy
  • Ceramics and composites for detection of nuclear radiation
  • Joining and coating for reactor components
  • Graphite and carbon materials for nuclear energy
  • Crystalline, amorphous and composite materials for waste immobilization
  • Long-term behavior of waste forms thorough experiments and modeling
  • Container corrosion in geological disposal conditions
  • Novel techniques for characterization and processing
  • Fuel reprocessing and management of fission product elements
  • Fundamental science of radiation damage, defect production, evolutions, and interactions
  • Theory, modeling, and simulation of radiation effects in ceramics and composites
  • Fuel, cladding, assembly, and core evolutions and performance modeling
  • Codes and standards, design methodology




  • Yutai Katoh, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Josef Matyáš, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Jake Amoroso, Savannah River National Laboratory
  • Christian Deck, General Atomics
  • Theodore Besmann, University of South Carolina
  • Monica Ferraris, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
  • Raghunath Kanakara, University of Idaho
  • Weon-Ju Kim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea
  • Takashi Nozawa, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan
  • Lance Snead, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Kumar Sridharan, University of Wisconsin
  • Kurt Terrani, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Cory Trivelpiece, Savannah River National Laboratory


Points of Contact:

Yutai Katoh: katohy@ornl.gov

Josef Matyáš: Josef.Matyas@pnnl.gov



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