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S7: Metamaterials and Microwave Materials


EMA 2012


The ability to develop artificially engineered dielectric materials has enabled a number of new phenomena attractive for communications, optics and sensing. Among these are microwave dielectrics
for RF/microwave applications, ferrites, tunable dielectrics, tunable magnetics, and a broad class of “Metamaterials” including artificially structured dielectrics, doubly negative materials (negative permittivity, negative permeability, and negative refractive index), and artificial electromagnetics with unique character. Ceramic materials play unique roles in these systems, and are of particular interest for low loss properties and tunable behavior. This symposium is a forum for emerging electromagnetic phenomena, engineered materials design, structure-property relationships and system performance in
these highly engineered artificial electromagnetic structures.


Proposed Session Topics

  • Metamaterials (visible to RF)
  • Artificial electromagnetic structures (e.g. resonators, engineered
  • Microwave dielectrics
  • Magnetic ceramics including ferrites (high frequency applications;
    visible to RF)
  • Integration of materials for engineered electromagnetic systems
  • Structure-property relations of engineered electromagnetic
  • Tuning and gain in RF and optical composites

Symposium Organizers

  • Paul Clem, Sandia National Labs

Point of Contact

Paul Clem, Phone: +1 (505) 272-7624



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