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S9: Structure of Emerging Perovskite Oxides: Bridging Length Scales and Unifying Experiment and Theory


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Pb-based oxides have been plagued with ever-increasing environmental and health concerns. As a result, numerous research groups around the globe have contributed to a resurgence in Pb-free materials development. The principles understood in Pb-based compositions, namely those associated with the morphotropic phase boundary (MPB), have guided the inquiry toward new materials. Some principles of MPBs that have been argued to strongly influence properties include monoclinic structural distortions, nanodomain structures, co-existing ferroelectric phases, domain wall contributions, oxygen octahedral tilting, etc. These physical phenomena span length scales, making a single characterization technique difficult to completely and conclusively determine the structure and structural origin of the properties. Moreover, experimental results need to be interpreted through (and further inform) theoretical models. The challenges in structural and phase determination transcend single research groups and necessitate cooperation of experts in numerous fields. This symposium is a forum for these researchers to disseminate their results and develop new integrated approaches.


Proposed Session Topics

  • New insights from components (single phase)
  • Phase equilibria and solid solutions
  • Domain walls and other topological defects
  • Role of point defects
  • Role of oxygen octahedral tilts
  • Microstructures and nanostructures
  • Performance: origin of properties and in situ measurements

Session Organizers

  • Jan Seidel, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Igor Levin, NIST, USA
  • Jens Kreisel, CRP Lippmann, Luxembourg, France
  • Pam Thomas, University of Warwick, UK
  • Chan-Ho Yang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), S. Korea

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