Announcing a New Tool for Teaching Youngsters About Materials Science

The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, building on lessons developed by Missouri S & T, is proud to introduce our Mini Materials Demo Kit, a collection of seven simple demonstrations for use practically anywhere by parents, teachers, and students who are utilizing online and at-home teaching resources.

The lessons are written for a wide age-range of learners and the whole family can have fun learning about such topics as:

The Science of Silly Putty®                        What is Fiber Optics?                  Magic Color Beads and UV Light   

How are Glass Fibers Made?                     What is Fluorescence?                What is a Shape Memory Alloy?

Does heating an aluminum nail make it harder?   

DSC_0068 (2)

The Mini Materials Demo Kit provides interesting activities to be done at home or in the classroom and can be purchased for only $49; quantity discounts are available for orders of 5 or more! Contact Belinda Raines at for more information.

Click here to order!