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Third International Richard M. Fulrath Symposium on Discontinuous Progress for Ceramic Innovations



The Richard M. Fulrath award was initiated in 1978 to promote technical and personal friendships between United States and Japanese ceramic engineers/scientists. The award has been presented to more than 130 Japanese and 50 U.S. scientists and engineers who have made significant contributions and innovations in various areas of ceramics science and technology. Any innovation begins from a small but discontinuous progress from conventional concepts or expected results. In this sense, discontinuous progress is the mother of innovation. The Third International Richard M. Fulrath Symposium in PacRim12 focuses on such discontinuous progresses for ceramic innovations. The future health of many ceramics industries relies on the ability to innovate and develop new advanced technologies and applications. Many the Fulrath winners are providing this leadership in innovation to make ceramic academia and industry more exciting and attractive by making discontinuous progress.    


The technical program will cover the following wide ranging topics, but presentations should include discontinuous progress from conventional concepts or expected results.


All Fulrath award winners from Japan and the U.S. as well as candidates of the award are invited to make presentations in their specific areas of interest and highlight specific contributions for discontinuous progress for ceramic innovations.



  • Innovative ceramics processing
  • Electronic and other functional ceramics
  • Ceramics for sustainable energy and environmental systems
  • Ceramics in medicine and human health
  • Ceramics for sustainable transportation and infrastructure
  • Other emerging ceramic technologies



Mrityunjay Singh, Ohio Aerospace Institute, NASA Glenn Research Center, m.singh@juno.com

Takaaki Tsurumi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, ttsurumi@ceram.titech.ac.jp

Elizabeth Dickey, North Carolina State University

Yuji Akimoto, Shoei Chemical Inc., Japan.

Greg Morscher, The University of Akron

Ken-ichi Kakimoto, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan.

Roger J. Narayan, North Carolina State University




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