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Symposium 14: Novel Spray Coatings



Advanced spray-coating technology has been developed in a variety of forms for providing highly functional ceramic films at high deposition rates. It can produce ceramic films as dense as their sintered counterparts, unlike those deposited by conventional thermal spray methods. Also, some of the technology produce high-quality films at low temperatures so that even polymer substrates can be used. Depending on the properties of the ceramic films, applications can be found in sensors and actuators, biomedical implants, battery and fuel cells, smart phones, air and water purifiers and others.


This symposium will concentrate on novel coating technology based on spraying powders that is different from conventional thermal spraying. The novel coating methods include aerosol deposition, cold spray, warm spray in categorized kinetic spray method, nanoparticle deposition, room-temperature granule spray under vacuum, cold spray, warm spray, solution plasma spray and others.



  • Innovative spray deposition methods
  • Control of deposition variables
  • Microstructures/nanostructures and properties of spray-deposited films
  • Mechanisms of film depositions
  • Advances in deposition systems
  • Applications of advanced spray depositions
  • Commercialization of advanced spray depositions



Jun Akedo, National Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, akedo-j@aist.go.jp

Dong-Soo Park, Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea

Dongming Zhu, NASA

Javad Mostaghimi, University of Toronto, Canada

Kazuhiro Ogawa, Tohoku University, Japan

Kentaro Shinoda, National Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan



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