Professor Toshihiro Ishikawa is Vice-President of Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi (Sanyo-Onoda City University), Fellow of American Ceramic Society, and Academician of World Academy of Ceramics. He has conducted unique and innovative works on multifunctional engineering ceramics and composites during the past thirty years and has made extraordinary and outstanding contributions to science and technology in this field. He was engaged in the development of new functional ceramics and has authored or co-authored more than 150 peer-reviewed papers. He has received a number of awards and prizes including GSC Award (2004), Award from the Minister for Environment (2004), Yamazaki Teiichi Prize, Japan (2003), Award from the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (2003), Award from the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (1992), and ACerS Global Ambassador Award (2019).