Mr. Tyrone L. Jones is a subject matter expert of armor mechanisms for the dismounted Soldier. As an advanced body armor research mechanisms consultant, Mr. Jones has conceived, characterized, and invented mass-efficient body armor mechanisms of substantial contribution for the Soldier over the last 18 years. Mr. Jones constructed and led survivability programs in additive manufactured ceramic armor mechanisms, electrothermal armor mechanisms, advanced magnesium armor alloy mechanisms, and novel advanced characterization tools. All contributions were achieved through a combination vision, knowledge, experience, and great teamwork.

Throughout his career, Mr. Jones has relentlessly invested in the cultivation of diversity, equality and inclusion within his work environments. Internally, he was a member of the diversity advisory board, which sought to address purposeful employee challenges, leading to the institution of an annual diversity objective for all organization employees. Externally, Mr. Jones annually collaborates with local public schools to teach and demonstrate fundamental science topics to diverse communities of elementary students.

Mr. Jones continues to utilize networks of competent engineers with diverse backgrounds, through conferences, to build DoD programs that transition state-of-the-art solutions for core problems of the dismounted Soldier on the battlefield. This approach has provided inclusive opportunities for diverse engineers to participate in relevant and state-of the-art technical research.

Mr. Jones holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science in Acoustics from The Pennsylvania State University.