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S5. Morphology evolution and microstructure characterization

Understanding the development of materials microstructure through experimentation, quantitative characterization, and simulations permits the materials designer to better control desired properties. This symposium focuses on morhpology evolution in polyphase, polycrystalline materials in four focus areas. Topics of particular interest include experimental observations of microstructure evolution, modeling and simulation using continuum and atomistic methods, characterization techniques that aid in identifying structural and chemical effects that control the kinetics of microstructure evolution, and new and novel processes that can be used to synthesize or select technologically important microstructural features. Contributions are welcome from authors who are studying processes in bulk or thin films as well as effects caused by wetting and adsorption on kinetic processes.


Proposed session topics

  • Experimental studies of microstructure evolution
  • Modeling and simulation of microstructure evolution
  • Structural and chemical characterization
  • Processing to control microstructure

Symposium organizers

Invited Speakers

  • David Srolovitz, University of Pennsylvania
  • Greg Rohrer, Carnegie Mellon University

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