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S9. Substitution and sustainability in functional materials and devices

Research on functional materials and devices is rapidly evolving, and it underpins many aspects of modern life, such as energy storage devices, antennas, multicomponent sensors and actuators, and smart materials. This symposium addresses the scientific and technological demands of attaining sustainable, environmentally benign, and economically viable functional materials and devices. It deals with the design, fabrication, and optimization of thermoelectrics, electrocalorics, fuels cells, solar cells, and dielectrics. It is designed to be of interest to industrialists, solid-state physicists, solid-state chemists, and materials scientists interested in the design, fabrication, and utilization of functional materials. It also provides the perspective of industry concerning the critical sustainability and substitution issues that it perceives as paramount during the next 5–10 years.


Proposed session topics

  • Energy-efficient and less hazardous materials processing
  • Rare-earth- and/or lead-free replacement of functional materials
  • Life-cycle assessment of functional materials and devices
  • Energy materials
  • Novel materials, architectures, and devices by design


Symposium organizers

  • Ian M Reaney, University of Sheffield, U.K.; i.m.reaney@sheffield.ac.uk
  • Ruzhong Zuo, Hefei University of Technology, China
  • David P Cann, Oregon State University, USA
  • Derek C Sinclair, University of Sheffield, U.K

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