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Session 10: Acoustic Properties of Glass


Elasticity, which is intimately related to acoustics, is a fundamental property of materials and is used in the determination of various physical properties in glass science, such as thermal shock resistance, thermal optical coefficients or fracture toughness. Indeed, the elastic modulus gives a global view of a material stiffness and reflects both the network connectivity and the inter-atomic potentials. The disorder nature of the glass itself gives rise to peculiar elastic/acoustic properties.


This session will welcome experimental, numerical and theoretical contributions focused on the understanding of elastic/sound properties in glasses and melts. Potential topics: Elasticity and glass structure; anelasticity and sound absorption; elastic heterogeneity and disorder; temperature, pressure effects; and new experimental or numerical methods.



Session Organizers


Benoit Rufflé, University of Montpellier, France, benoit.ruffle@umontpellier.fr


Anne Tanguy, University of Lyon, France, anne.tanguy@insa-lyon.fr

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