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Session 11: Thermal Properties of Glass


The studies of thermal properties are crucial to understand the energy states and the stability (relaxation and phase transition) in glasses and the corresponding liquids. This session will be organized to address essential problems and new achievements in the thermal properties of glasses. Inorganic, chalcogenide, molecular, metallic and ionic glasses produced by the traditional melt-quenching methods or other advanced techniques with various forms like fibers, foams, ribbons, films or bulk will be covered. A wide range of subjects concerning the studies of thermal expansion, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, fictive temperature and characteristic transformation temperatures, as well as various enthalpy and entropy behaviors involved in relaxation, rejuvenation and ageing.



Session Organizers


Lina Hu, Shandong University, China, hulina0850@sina.com


Limin Wang, Yanshan University, China, limin_wang@ysu.edu.cn


Jacob König, Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia, jakob.konig@ijs.si

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