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Session 9: Strength, Fracture, and the Mechanical Properties of Glasses (ICG TC06)


This session will focus on theoretical and experimental aspects of strength, fracture, and mechanical properties of noncrystalline materials, covering the fields of metallic, inorganic nonoxide, and oxide glasses, in addition to recently emerging hybrid glass systems. The reported research will include results at all length scales, from the atomistic details of the crack tip to the large-scale behavior of civil engineering structures. Particular attention will be given to the design of strong, tough, and damage-resistant glasses based on fundamental understanding of the structural origins of elasticity, plasticity, and fracture.


Topics will include but are not limited to: deformation processes; subcritical crack growth and fatigue; dynamic fracture and fractography; network topology and elastic properties; design of glasses with superior mechanical properties; structural connection to deformation and fracture; toughening strategies; fundamentals of crack tip formation and propagation; and application of in situ techniques.




Session Organizers


Lothar Wondraczek, University of Jena, Germany, lothar.wondraczek@uni-jena.de 


Morten Smedskjaer, Aalborg University, Denmark, mos@bio.aau.dk

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