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2018 Plant Tours

Carolina Ceramics was founded in 1939 and has been producing brick on the original site for almost 80 years. The plant first produced brick utilizing ten beehive kilns until the first tunnel kiln was added in 1966. Another kiln was added during 1970’s bringing the capacity up to 30 million brick. Carolina Ceramics began producing commercial brick at this time and has strived to be the premier producer of architectural products ever since. Michael Borden purchased the company in 1997 after managing the facility for four years as a subsidiary of Cherokee Sanford Brick. The company had a great reputation but needed to improve the facilities and the biggest investments and changes came between 2000 and 2005.  In 2000, a new Ceric plant with robotic technology and an index-fired kiln substantially increased capacity to 55 million bricks per year.  A new grinding facility was added in 2004 with the capacity to handle additional production.  In 2005, another Ceric kiln was added along with a second manufacturing line which at the time had the world’s largest robot. This second plant increased the capacity to 80 million bricks per year and gave us the ability to produce rustic brick for the commercial and residential markets.  


Carolina Ceramics still strives every day to make quality brick in an unrivaled color palette. We have the flexibility to produce a wide variety of sizes and colors which is very desirable in the architectural community. We own a shale mine and kaolin mine that are both located about 15 miles from the facility and the clay is hauled in by truck. The combination of these two raw materials and various additives allows us to produce colors from light buffs and greys, red and brown colors, to flat set flashed products which we have built our reputation on. Carolina Ceramics currently has one plant dedicated to producing FBX quality brick and the second plant producing rustic products to simulate brick produced hundreds of years ago.


Founded in 2016 through a joint venture between two of North America’s most respected brickmaking organizations, Meridian Brick brings together decades of industry experience from Boral Bricks and Forterra Brick.  Meridian Brick produces high quality residential and commercial products through the largest network of plants and distribution centers in North America.


The Columbia 4 Plant was built in 1972 and is located on a 400-acre site just off I-20 adjacent to the Broad River.  The facility has a rich history and established commercial architectural line featuring unique colors and textures drawn from three supporting mines (totaling over 900 acres).  The site also utilizes a dual saw to cut brick for our Authintic Brick line.  For more information, please visit www.MeridianBrick.com.


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