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Symposium I: Glass Structure and Chemistry

Basic aspects of glass structure will be discussed over a range of glass types from conventional oxide to chalcogenide, organic, or metallic glasses.  Submissions regarding all aspects of structure-property relationships are welcome, as well as contributions to analytical techniques that help improve understanding of the materials chemistry.  Sessions will cover glass chemistry from melt reactions, chemical stability, and the role of the individual elements in governing glass structure and properties.



Session 1: Definition of Network Formers and Network Modifiers (ICG TC03 & TC26)


Session 2: Glass and Melt: Macroscopic Properties and Structure of Melt at High Temperature (ICG TC03 & TC26)


Session 3: Metallic Glasses


Session 4: Chalcogenide Glass Structure and Chemistry


Session 5: Borate Glasses


Session 6: Phosphate Glasses


Session 7: Silicate Glass Structure


Session 8: Crystallization of Glasses and Glass-Ceramics (ICG TC07)


Session 9: Sol Gel Glasses


Session 10: Metal-Organic Framework Glasses


Session 11: Glass-Organic Adhesion



Lead Organizer


Doris Möncke, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Greece, dmoencke@eie.gr


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