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Symposium III: Glass Technology and Manufacturing


Glass has been present on our planet in the form of natural glasses (such as obsidian) for hundreds of thousands of years, and the manufacture of “synthetic” glass was invented more than 5 millennia ago. Throughout ages, skilled glass technologists and scientists have improved its technology and manufacturing processes, and glass has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Despite its already rich history, glass manufacture keeps innovating to produce better and cheaper products while reducing the energetic and environmental footprints of the glass-making process. 


This symposium welcomes contributions highlighting the key role of glass technology and manufacture and the constant progresses in its different key aspects, from the raw materials to the melt, from glass furnaces to the sustainability of the process, and from traditional forming processes to new techniques such as glass 3D printing.  


Session 1: Raw Materials, Batch Melting, and Fining (TC18)


Session 2: Glass Furnace Operation and Design (TC21)


Session 3: Glass-Refractory Interactions


Session 4: Glass Forming Operations


Session 5: Towards Carbon-Free Glass Production


Session 6: Glass Recycling and Sustainability


Session 7: 3D Printing of Glass and Rapid Prototyping



Lead Organizer


Mathieu Hubert, Corning Incorporated, USA, hubertm@corning.com

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