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The Energy Race: Will federal budget woes affect progress?

By Eileen De Guire / November 22, 2011

Thin film solar panels produced by General Electric’s PrimeStar in Arvada, Colo. Credit: Edelman; NREL. Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, was in Colorado last week, and after months of reeling from the Solyndra debacle, was able to bask in the glow of successful DOE investments. Chu also used the trip to hammer home his messages…

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Ceramics and glass business news of the week

By / September 12, 2011

Here’s what we are hearing: DOE finalizes $150 million loan guarantee to 1366 Technologies to drive down manufacturing costs and make American solar more competitive Materials characterization company Malvern offering free Mastersizer webcasts in English, Japanese and Chinese Sept. 14 Miele to release solar-heated clothes dryer Tosoh establishes a thin film sputtering target manufacturing subsidiary…

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Solar silicon manufacturing innovators get big boosts with new DOE loan guarantees

By / June 20, 2011

Calisolar silicon is purified in a unique, liquid-phase process producing solar silicon without the high energy and specialized equipment of conventional vapor-phase silicon purification. Credit: Calisolar. As I have written several times before, the costs tied to the processing and manufacturing of photovoltaic units are dropping, but they are still the main impediment to PV…

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1366 continues to draw interest of investors, DOE

By / December 21, 2010

Ann’s earlier post regarding the accelerating drop in costs in 2009 and 2010 for installed photovoltaic solar energy systems general jibes with the estimates by Emanual Sachs, of 1366 Technologies/MIT. Sachs predicts that “manufacturing innovations in silicon PV will decrease costs by 10% per year through 2020, at which point solar electricity becomes cheaper than coal”…

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DOE video: Why ARPA-E funded 1366’s direct wafer technology for photovoltaic units

By / April 29, 2010

I continue to be really impressed with 1366 Technologies’ technical work and and business strategy. Now DOE has put together a short (4 minutes) video about 1366’s Direct Wafer Technology silicon wafer production system and why ARPA-E has provided the company with $4 million to continue their efforts. There isn’t a lot of depth here,…

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1366 Technologies demonstrates directly manufactured silicon PV wafer

By / March 9, 2010

Last August I wrote about the typical 50% waste created when wire saws are used to slice silicon ingots into PV-suitable wafers, and research being conducted in Germany to lower that waste. Now 1366 Technologies, according to a story and video by Technology Review’s Kevin Bullis, is saying it might be able eliminate all saw…

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Cutting PV costs, Part 2: Process improvements vs. science breakthroughs

By / September 24, 2009

Yesterday we posted a Technology Review video interview with Emanuel Sachs (1366 Technologies’ chief technology officer and professor of mechanical engineering at MIT) in which he and Craig Lund (1366’s director of business development) discuss some of the new technologies the company is incorporating into PV panels. Sachs did what I think is a very…

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Cutting PV costs, Part 1: New busbars, ‘fingers’ to cut costs by 20%?

By / September 23, 2009

Technology Review has a video (24 min.) of a recent interview with Emanuel Sachs, 1366 Technologies’ chief technology officer and professor of mechanical engineering at MIT. He explains the physics of solar cells and how 1366 is using the techniques described below to try to make them more efficient. (Note, there is a brief sponsor…

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