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Weekend warriors: DIY piezo speed belt with LED display makes runners safer, shinier

By Jessica McMathis / April 11, 2014

A light-up speed belt with a built-in piezo vibration sensor detects your pace and keeps you safe during your dawn-to-dusk runs.

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New $2.5M landmark conservation science institute to be established for the arts

By Eileen De Guire / February 12, 2013

Art Institute of Chicago art conservation scientist, Francesca Casadio, explains to delegates at the 2012 ICC4 meeting a project that investigated the enamel paints used in Pablo Picasso’s The Red Chair painting. Casadio and Katherine Faber are setting up a new conservation science research hub in Chicago. Credit: ACerS. (Updated) A few days ago I posted a…

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ACerS launches ‘New’ Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science Division

By Eileen De Guire / February 8, 2013

[flash http://ceramictechweekly.org/wp-content/video/aacs_faber.flv mode=1 f={image=http://ceramictechweekly.org/wp-content/video/aacs_faber.jpg}] (Updated) What do cutting edge materials research and the investigation of ancient ceramic pots have in common? More than you would probably think, and the connections are the basis of a “new” division of The American Ceramic Society. For example, Marc Walton, an ACerS member and a conservation scientist at the…

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