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Allen Apblett

Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division

By / November 26, 2013

Join Us and Get Involved with the Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division The Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division of ACerS explores applications of ceramics in nuclear energy production and medicine. Current uses of ceramics in this field include fuel and absorber materials for fission reactors as isotopic heat sources, and matrices for safe immobilization of…

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Video of the week: Apblett discusses ‘capsule’ for removing radioactive and heavy metal elements

By / May 31, 2012

Credit: ACS_Live. Given that in the last few days there have been high-profile stories about tuna being caught in the Pacific with trace (but, apparently, not unsafe) amounts of cesium from the Fukushima incident, I thought it might be timely to highlight some interesting work by an ACerS member regarding materials that could aid in…

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