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Self-oscillating gels, DARPA worms and spontaneous self-aggregation

By / January 15, 2013

This has little to do with ceramics or glass—but everything to do with the biggest “What in the world…” moment I have had in a long, long time.” I will try to keep this brief, but its nearly impossible to convey the weird (not meant to be pejorative) materials work of Anna C. Balazs’s team…

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Smart materials get SMARTer: Self-powered, homeostatic nanomaterials that actively self-regulate in response to environmental change

By / July 13, 2012

This is a schematic of the temperature-regulating SMARTS displaying a C-M feedback loop, in which mechanical action of T-responsive gel is coupled with an exothermic reaction. The sideview schematic and top-view microscope images depict “on-off” states of the reaction in the top layer. Credit: Laboratory of Joanna Aizenberg, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.…

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