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3D-printed bioactive glass–ceramic delivers more stability during sintering

By / August 10, 2012

Computer model (a), and photograph of 3D-printed green body (b) and sintered glass/HAp composite structure (c, after heating to 750°C at 2 K/min) for testing the viability of the 3D-printing process and the sinter model for optimized HAp content. Labels indicate dimensions in mm. Credit: Winkel et al.; JACerS. Authors of an new Early View…

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Top non-video posts for 2008

By / January 2, 2009

Everyone else is doing their “tops” list for last year, so who are we to go against the herd? #5 – Graphene memory possible — #4 – Better method for detecting tile defects — #3 – Thin film sandwich feeds hunger for superconductors — #2 – Shucks, making man-made ‘nacre’ isn’t so hard — —…

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More BAM stuff!

By / December 17, 2008

Readers have expressed significant interest in our Dec. 5 post on the world’s third hardest material – BAM. Currently being tested at DOE’s Ames Laboratory as a nanocoating for machinery, BAM is thought to reduce machine friction and wear and, thus, make machinery operate more smoothly and energy efficiently. Because inquiring minds wanted to know more about…

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One BAM good nanocoating!

By / December 5, 2008

(Also – see BAM Update here.) What’s almost as hard as diamond, slicker than Teflon and “green” enough to reduce the United States’ industrial energy consumption by trillions of BTUs a year? The answer is BAM – a ceramic alloy created by combining a mix of boron, aluminum and magnesium with titanium diboride. The world’s…

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