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By Jim Destefani / July 30, 2013

Desktop printing at the nano level Currently, most nanofabrication is done in multibillion-dollar centralized foundries. Now a desktop nanofabrication tool slightly larger than a printer is said to allow fabrication of high-quality materials and devices, such as processing semiconductors over large areas. Developed by researchers at Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.), the apparatus consists of easily…

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New speedy, high-res nanolithography method to allow the rapid prototyping of electronics

By / August 4, 2010

A new nanolithography process promises to speed up the “printing” of nanoscale patterns, which could soon allow investigators to quickly make prototypes of test electronic devices. Of course, various forms of fairly high resolution nanolithography have been around for a while. But, heretofore, they have been relatively time consuming. These have usually employed a single…

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