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Behrokh Khoshnevis

‘New’ material for 3D printing: concrete

By Jim Destefani / May 30, 2013

Shown in a video screen capture, Contour Crafting may one day allow construction of entire homes in a single day, says developer Behrokh Khoshnevis. Credit: Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum; You Tube. Additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printing are not new, but they certainly are gaining more attention in the wake of recent mainstream media reports…

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‘Print’ a house? Why not! Plus, ‘Rust Belt’ region awarded pilot institute for additive manufacturing

By Eileen De Guire / August 17, 2012

If you are thinking of building a new home for your family, you might want to watch this TEDx talk by a USC professor who has engineered a way to build a house using additive manufacturing methods. Wowser! I thought this technology was for smallish stuff, like electronics, bones or coffee cups. Behrokh Khoshnevis, though,…

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