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Suddenly Spiderman: ‘Gecko gloves’ give humans glass wall-scaling superpowers

By Jessica McMathis / January 2, 2015

Stanford University engineers have used the sticky pads of geckos as inspiration for a hand-sized device that allows humans to scale a glass wall as effectively as Spiderman.

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More than meets the eye: An antireflective coating modeled after moth eyes

By Jessica McMathis / March 12, 2014

A self-cleaning, anti-reflective coating that mimics the structure of moth eyes could find application in windows that clean themselves and solar panels that are more efficient.

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Can a fish in the Amazon inspire ‘flexible’ ceramics?

By / February 10, 2012

An armorlike arapaima fish scale resists being fractured by a piranha tooth that is slowly pressed into it. In fact, it is the tooth that fails. Credit: Meyers Group: Credit: UCSD Jacobs Sch. of Eng. If you ever watch cable TV’s River Monsters (and, honestly, who doesn’t!), you might be familiar with a large Amazonian…

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Video of the week: Smart materials and ‘bioinspiration’

By / February 17, 2010

[flash mode=1 f={image=/ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/blottman_bioinspiration_ema.jpg}] As mentioned in a January post, mechanical engineer John Blottman gave one of the keynote presentations at ACerS’ recent Electronic Materials and Applications conference held in Orlando, Fla. Blottman, who works in the Sensors and Sonar Systems Depart of the Navy’s Undersea Warfare Center, is part of a team working on…

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