building efficiency

Video: Glass and hydrocarbon sandwich creates electrochromic windows in a rainbow of colors

By April Gocha / March 15, 2017

Rice University researchers have developed an inexpensive electrochromic glass—by sandwiching readily available, color-changing hydrocarbon molecules in between two panes of conductive glass, the researchers have created a chameleon-like window with a wider range of color choices than ever before.

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Berkeley Lab nets stewardship for U.S.–China energy-efficient construction consortium

By / October 8, 2010

Prototype energy-efficient home designed by Michelle Kaufmann, on display at theMuseum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Credit: Kaufmann and Wikipedia Commons. The DOE has announced the details on the third of three U.S.–China Clean Energy Research Centers, a multi-year joint a consortium on energy-efficient building technologies. The agency says that the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory will lead…

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