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Aerogel-based insulation continuing to make progress with commercialization

By Eileen De Guire / April 5, 2013

Official video (in German) of STO In Aevero aerogel insulation boards. Credit: STO. One of the promises of your basic silica-based aerogel is that it would make a fantastic component in insulation systems—but there have always been a lot of manufacturing and processing “ifs” involved. Nevertheless, several companies are starting to make headway with emerging…

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Ceramics and glass business news this week

By / June 1, 2011

Here’s what we are hearing: AGC to build new plant in Brazil AGC, Japan, is set to move into Brazil’s construction and automotive glass markets, investing 40 billion yen (about $470 million) in an industrial state-of-the-art glass complex in São Paulo state. The plant will produce float glass, mirrors, coated glass and automotive laminated and…

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Lux: Existing nanotech could slash energy use by 12% in U.S., Germany and Japan

By / November 2, 2010

R50 vacuum insulation panel, 30x48x1 inch. Credit: ThermalVisions. Nano R&D is opening up new energy-conservation vistas, but a new report from Lux Research claims that the adoption of existing nano-enabled products, such as aerogels, low-friction coatings and quantum dot LEDs, could yield a huge energy-consumption reduction in three countries representative of nations with developed economies:…

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Aerogel markets report available

By / March 11, 2010 is offering a new 70-page report that analyzes the global market for aerogels by following end-use markets: thermal and acoustic insulation, consumer products, sensors and Instrumentation, medical, aerospace, energy and others. The report contains separate analyses for US, Europe and the rest of world, with forecasts through 2015. The report profiles 11 companies including…

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