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By Eileen De Guire / May 22, 2012

A solution of cadmium-selenide quantum dots glows orange under ultraviolet light. This luminescence forms the basis for their use in bioimaging. The effect of these quantum dots on primates is being investigated at the University of Buffalo. Credit Ye et al.; University of Buffalo. Check ’em out: Honeywell delivers advanced ballistic materials for combat helmets…

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Gold used to enhance nanocrystal conductance

By / September 15, 2009

Researchers at Berkeley Lab reported a technique by which the electrical conductivity of nanorod crystals of cadmium-selenide was increased 100,000 times. “The key to our success is the fabrication of gold electrical contacts on the ends of cadmium-selenide rods via direct solution phase-growth of the gold tips,” says Paul Alivisatos, interim-director of Berkeley Lab, who…

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