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cancer and nanotechnology

International team finds help from boron nitride nanotubes in cancer treatment

By / April 27, 2012

The first macroscopic, commercially usable BNNTs, spun into a 3-centimeter-long, 1-milimeter-diameter piece of yarn. Credit: Michael Smith. Once again, we are reminded that not all scientifically interesting nanotubes are of the carbon variety. Researchers from a number of US and international institutions have released a new study that suggests that placing boron nitride nanotubes on the…

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Nanoparticle cocktail targets and kills tumors

By / January 19, 2010

A team of researchers from the National Cancer Institute’s Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence have teamed up to develop a “cocktail” of different nanometer-sized particles that work in concert within the bloodstream to locate, adhere to and kill cancerous tumors. The work that was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “This…

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