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Copper doping boosts CdTe solar cell efficiency

By Jim Destefani / August 22, 2013

CdTe solar cells on a flexible metal foil (left), and electron microscopy image of the solar cell structure in the substrate configuration. From top: front electrical contact, CdTe layer, metal back contact. The layers were deposited on a glass substrate for clarity of EM imaging. (Credit: Empa.) Summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere,…

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Crystalline silicon PV makers continue tough market fight with thin film tech

By / November 16, 2010

Credit: SunPower. It doesn’t appear anyone is making a lot of money in the solar power arena, but the players — working in different camps based on the materials they use — seem to positioning for a strategic victory based on cost and market share rather than performance. For example, in a new report from…

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DOE commits to $1.45B loan for concentrating solar and $400M for thin solar

By / July 3, 2010

Today the Administration announced that the DOE agreed to guarantee large loans for two separate solar power equipment makers, Abengoa Solar and Abound Solar Manufacturing. The Abengoa project involves using a $1.45 billion loan to build a 250 MW concentrating solar facility in Solana, Ariz. “Abengoa Solar estimates that the Solana project will employ approximately…

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