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Scientist holding ceramic material the size of a quarter

Environmentally-friendly method of manufacturing ceramics may reduce carbon footprint, render kilns obsolete

By Faye Oney / March 3, 2017

Scientists at ETH Zurich have discovered a way to create ceramic materials using cold sintering—which could someday replace huge energy-consuming kilns currently used to manufacture ceramics and cements.

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Cements Division

By / December 26, 2013

Get Involved in the Cements Division The Cements Division of The American Ceramic Society is involved with the research, development, manufacture, and sale of cements, limes, and plasters. Developments in Portland cement occupy much of the Division members’ efforts. Division Chair Jeff Chen Group Leader Lafarge Centre de Recherche 95 Rue de Montmurier-BP 15, 38291 St Quentin…

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