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Video of the week: Ash, sand-resistant thermal barrier coatings and novel test rig

By / June 2, 2011

[flash mode=1 f={image=/ceramictechtoday/wp-content/video/osu_turbine_coatings.jpg}] Apropos to the latest round of ash clouds spewing from the EyjafjallajökullI volcano, plus indications that some utilities are going to be building new high-temperature fast-cycle gas turbines for peak electrical power generation, we offer this video that expands on a story I first wrote about in April. It regards an…

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OSU announces new Materials Research Seed Grant program

By / March 9, 2011

Credit: CEM; OSU. Ohio State University has issued a request for proposals for its 2011-2012 Materials Research Seed Grant Program. The offering is open to the “OSU materials community.” According to Nitin P. Padture, an OSU professor and founder of the school’s Center for Emergent Materials, these seed grant programs are designed to support new…

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Double perovskites developed for high-temp applications

By / February 18, 2011

A schematic of a double perovskite heterostructure magnetic tunnel junction. (Credit: OSU.) Last month I shared a story on the work Ohio State University researchers’ development of a computer-controlled “blowtorch” to simulate the high-temperature environment in gas turbine engines (to provide rapid thermal cycling of coatings to predict lifetimes as well as understand the effects…

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