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Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division

By / November 26, 2013

Join Us and Get Involved with the Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division The Nuclear & Environmental Technology Division of ACerS explores applications of ceramics in nuclear energy production and medicine. Current uses of ceramics in this field include fuel and absorber materials for fission reactors as isotopic heat sources, and matrices for safe immobilization of…

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Linda Pinckney on glass–ceramic applications

By / April 8, 2010

If you have a glass-top stove, you may have wondered why the rest of the glass stays cool when you have only one burner turned on.

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Final Program Available EMA 2010, ICACC’10

By / January 14, 2010

Download the Final Program for EMA 2010 then use the Itinerary Planner to schedule your trip. Electronic Materials and Applications 2010 will focus on electronic ceramics for energy storage & conversion applications and fundamental science issues. Attend this meeting to hear the latest in ceramic applications in renewable energy, “smart grid” technologies, and innovative hybrid…

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DC plasma + garbage incineration wastes = functional ceramics

By / August 13, 2009

An upcoming issue of ACerS’ International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (available as an “Early View” paper, subscription required) will have an intriguing report from three researchers from the United Kingdom’s Imperial College and a colleague from Tectronics Ltd. regarding a process to render flue glass emissions into an environmentally safe form and, potentially, into…

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