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Videos of the week: Durable, flexible thin ceramic thin foils opening new applications

By / July 31, 2012

I’ve covered the topic of thin, tough, bendable ceramic sheets and foils in the past, and a lot of what I have seen until now has been in the early developmental stages. However, as can be seen in the videos above and below, a company in New York State, ENrG, has been seeking commercial opportunities…

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VO2 foils eyed for mass production for thermochromic window applications

By / February 7, 2012

Photographs of sample films at room temperature. Credit, Gao et al.; RSC Energy Environ. Sci. The notion of making functional and flexible ceramic foils is fascinating, but a little counterintuitive, isn’t it? Thus, I am always intrigued when new techniques and applications are discovered. A while back I wrote about a group from ETH Zurich that…

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