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Monday materials mind candy: More ceramic speakers

By / February 22, 2010

I sense a trend emerging. Last week I featured a set of speakers that evoke the Nipper side of the old RCA logo. Now its a pleasure to present a speaker that represents the other half. Science + Son has developed two generations (I and II) of these patent-pending Phonophone passive amplification speakers. From the…

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Monday materials mind candy – Matteo Cibic creations

By / February 15, 2010

Via Technology News, fun ceramic stuff at Matteo Cibic Studio: Hi-Fido is a ceramic speaker in the shape of a dog. It is also strangely reminiscent of Nipper, the gramophone-curious mascot of the RCA and HMV record companies, and – best of all – it looks like a real dog that has been forced to…

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