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Electric current restores function to damaged nanobelts

By / December 7, 2010

After denting the zinc oxide nanobelt with an AFM tip, electric current helped the nanobelts heal and regain much of their function. (Credit: Nano Letters) Xiaodong Li at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and his team of researchers found that applying electric current to zinc oxide nanobelts enable them to “self-heal” from mechanical…

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Wood pulp-derived nanocrystals help cast tunable chiral silica films, with possible sensor and window uses

By / November 18, 2010

Tuning the pores of a new type of glass film causes different colors, but adding a drop of waterturns them transparent. (Credit: Nature/Kevin Shopsowit.) A team at the University of British Columbia, led by Mark MacLachlan, says its the first group to make mesoporous chiral nematic structured silica films cast from a nanocrystalline cellulose template prepared from wood pulp.…

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