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Environmentally friendly batteries use electrodes from rusty stainless steel

By Faye Oney / June 23, 2017

A research group in China has created electrodes for potassium-ion batteries made from rusty stainless steel mesh. The result is an environmentally friendly, stable, and less expensive battery suitable for electronic devices.

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Successful poster session at HTCMC 9, GFMAT 2016 in Toronto, Canada

By Eileen De Guire / July 1, 2016

The HTCMC-GFMAT poster session was outstanding and provided an excellent opportunity for many researchers to present their most recent work with each other.

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As US research funding remains mostly flat, China bets big with new budget

By Jessica McMathis / March 31, 2014

China’s counting on science to propel its economy forward and is betting big with a new budget that will help get it done.

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Nonflammable paper developed from ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires

By April Gocha / February 20, 2014

Chinese scientists have developed flexible and nonflammable paper out of ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires that may have applications for archival storage of important documents.

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Chinese Academy tilts strategy to applied research, science leadership

By / February 3, 2011

Jane Qiu, writing in Nature News, provides a profound story about the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ new Innovation 2020 program, which signals a recalibration of the nation’s science goals toward more applied research and commercialization. According to Qiu, the CAS will still provide strong support for basic research, but it is signaling a shift in…

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Chinese groups honor U.S. ceramist for ‘green’ ceramics, space-repair system

By / February 12, 2009

A scientist at the Ohio Aerospace Institute has been chosen by two major Chinese scientific groups to receive an award in recognition of his accomplishments in materials science and technology research. Mrityunjay “Jay” Singh is being singled out for the Lee Hsun Lecture Award administered by the Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science and the…

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