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Don’t fail me now: Gadgets that add significant juice to your iPhone battery

By Stephanie Liverani / January 12, 2016

Tech trends for 2016 seem focused on evolutionary rather than revolutionary. With that in mind, Apple released a new smartphone case that promises to extend battery life—but form may have been sacrificed for function.

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Apple’s integrated dashboard system CarPlay on display at NY Auto Show

By April Gocha / April 22, 2014

Apple CarPlay, the company’s dashboard-integrated light operating system, is set to debut in new cars this year, but the tech is on preview at the New York International Auto Show.

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Patents suggest Apple iPhone 6 may have transparent texting on smudge-proof sapphire screens

By April Gocha / March 29, 2014

With the Apple iPhone 6 set for release later this year, the rumors have begun–the latest patent applications suggest transparent texting technology and smudge-proof sapphire screens.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 to have ceramic main body?

By / April 20, 2012

Galaxy S2. Credit: Alvin Pingol; Wikipedia. I guess this is old news to everyone else, but new news to me. Apparently this was first reported back in late February, and the story still seems to have legs. For example, here is what the ETNews/Korea IT News is reporting about Samsung (and Apple) : According to…

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