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CNT sponge

Chinese team: Use superabsorbent carbon nanotube sponges on oil spills

By / May 28, 2010

Imagine a lightweight durable floating sponge for use at an ocean oil spill that attracts only oil, expands to hold nearly 200 times its weight and 800 times the volume of the stuff, moves automatically towards higher concentrations of the oil and can be squeezed clean and reused dozens of times. The stuff of high-tech…

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Carbon nanotubes as super sponges

By / November 12, 2009

Chinese scientists say they have figured out a way to turn carbon nanotubes into a superabsorbing and reusable sponge for organic materials. They predict their CNT sponge material may be particularly valuable in applications such as oil spills on ocean, lake and river surfaces because the material won’t absorb water. Their work is reported in…

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