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CO2 storage

CO2 utilization versus sequestration: DOE funds research to put CO2 to use for products, energy

By / July 7, 2010

So far, nearly all of the discussion regarding what to do about high CO2 levels has focused on sequestration, i.e., figuring out where to hide the stuff. But, a growing number of researchers and business are urging that the United States and the rest of the world focus on a new paradigm that includes sequestration…

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Tests show viability with carbon sequestration and oil recovery

By / June 30, 2010

According to a DOE press release, field tests have shown that using carbon dioxide in an oil recovery method dubbed “huff-and-puff” can help assess the carbon sequestration potential of geologic formations while tapping domestic oil resources. The tests run by the Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership, one of seven in DOE’s Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership programs,…

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