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Glass goes ballistic: What happens when you shoot a bullet at Prince Rupert’s drops?

By April Gocha / May 11, 2017

Prince Rupert’s drops are strong—but are they strong enough to survive being shot with a high-speed bullet at point-blank range? YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay recently posted a series of videos exploring the limits of strength of Prince Rupert’s drops in the face of some serious ammunition spewed from progressively bigger guns.

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Video: Glass science of Prince Rupert’s drop captured with high-speed cameras

By April Gocha / March 28, 2014

The series Smarter Every Day explores Prince Rupert’s drop—glass shapes formed by dropping hot molten glass in hot water—which are like hardened glass but exhibit some incredibly brittle properties.

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Texas A&M student puts textbook and ceramic coffee mugs to test

By Eileen De Guire / May 4, 2012

Texas A&M mechanical engineering student, John Mayo, wondered if it’s true what they say about ceramics – that they are strong in compression. Armed with his pick-up truck and four trade show coffee mugs, he set to find out. Credit: John Mayo. John Mayo, who is finishing his second year as a mechanical engineering student…

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