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Continuing the trend: Essential Phone joins list of smartphones featuring ceramic exteriors

By April Gocha / June 5, 2017

The trend of incorporating ceramic materials into smartphone exteriors seems to be continuing, at least for now—Essential’s new Phone is about to enter the market with a titanium, Gorilla Glass, and ceramic exterior.

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CES 2017 shows that the future is here, and it’s built from ceramic and glass materials

By April Gocha / January 10, 2017

The 2017 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up its annual exhibition showcasing all the latest consumer electronics and technology this past weekend in Las Vegas, and the show’s expansive 43 football fields worth of tech displayed that our world is getting altogether smarter, brighter, more virtual, more connected, and entirely robotic.

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Video: Corning’s glass and more materials enable latest consumer electronics tech in store at CES 2017

By April Gocha / January 4, 2017

Glass and ceramic materials are enabling technologies that make a ton of today’s tech possible, even though the materials’ role in these products is often overlooked.

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New wearable tech swaps batteries for body heat to power more precise health-monitoring devices

By Stephanie Liverani / September 13, 2016

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new design for harvesting body heat and converting it into electricity for use in wearable health-monitoring devices without the need for batteries.

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Don’t fail me now: Gadgets that add significant juice to your iPhone battery

By Stephanie Liverani / January 12, 2016

Tech trends for 2016 seem focused on evolutionary rather than revolutionary. With that in mind, Apple released a new smartphone case that promises to extend battery life—but form may have been sacrificed for function.

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LED jacket offers cyclists turn-signaling safety swag

By Jessica McMathis / April 27, 2015

Bike rides could be brighter and safer, thanks to an LED jacket that helps cyclists signal and be seen.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By Eileen De Guire / January 17, 2014

Other materials stories that may be of interest

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Big awards for little SOFC device for powering mobile electronics

By / February 5, 2013

A rerun worth watching: SOFC battery charger liberates electronic devices from the tyranny of the grid. Credit: CES. When the Consumer Electronics Show was going on in Las Vegas last month, Peter picked up on a company that aims to set us free from the power cords that recharge the cell phones, laptops, tablets, and…

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Corning to unveil Gorilla Glass 3, consumer optical connectors at CES

By / January 4, 2013

Credit: Corning. The annual International CES show is a geek-fest for electronics, and the trail to new electronics often leads back to materials innovations, and next week’s CES show should be no different. One company that has tried to leverage its materials development strengths by maintaining a high visibility at CES is Corning. For the…

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