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Lux Research: Concentrating Solar Power deserves gigawatt focus in 2011

By / February 1, 2011

Tech research group Lux Research is warming to concentrating solar power technologies and says the CSP business should be good for 2011 as plants scale up to gigawatt proportions. A new report from Lux compares four contending large-scale solar-powered generation systems: three CSP approaches and photovoltaic generation. The three CSP technologies covered in the report, “Solar…

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DOE awards $62M for concentrating solar power materials, systems R&D

By / May 14, 2010

The DOE has announced that it will be injecting $62 million over five years to 13 companies and institutions for a variety of concentrating solar power projects. The agency says this funding is aimed at making substantial improvements in CSP systems, components materials and materials for energy storage with an eye toward accelerating CSP projects…

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