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Glass optics enhance concentrating solar performance

By / November 29, 2010

An all-glass optical lens may be the key component to achieving higher efficiency and higher energy production concentrating solar power systems. Silicon Valley-based Solergy, who recently announced plans  to install a 100kW all-glass optical lens CSP system in Sicily, Italy, believes glass is the only way to guarantee the durability, reliability and performance of concentrating…

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American solar thermal firm to shine in China

By / January 11, 2010

Reuters reported that concentrating solar thermal (CST) company eSolar has reached a deal to license its technology to a Chinese power equipment maker that plans to build a 2,000 megawatt (MW) CST project in China over the next 10 years. CST uses the sun to heat water, producing steam to power a turbine and create…

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Chevron taps CST to get more oil

By / August 25, 2009

Chevron disclosed plans to use concentrated solar thermal technology from Brightsource Energy to enhance oil recovery from an aging well in central California. That’s right. They are using the solar energy to make it easier for them to get at the fossil fuels. But at least they are making the process, itself, greener. The system…

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